Joe G Paintings

Green Blue Tree Coastline Landscape

Natural and painterly 🎨 Landscapes in oil 🌿 Mana and impressions ✨


Swamp Video

Forest Video

Nature Lightshow

Three Tree View

Blue Mountain Sky

Swamp Light

Algae River

Peeking Light

Red Trail Road

Plains Mana

Sherbet Forest

Blue Ridge

Treeline Path


English Shoreline

Big Clouds

Green Everglades

Lone Trees Moon

Oakwood Abbey

Sea of Ice

Virginia Hills

Pisgah River

Huckleberry View

Greek Elysium

Tundra Twilight

Dark Fading Day

Iron Dandelions

Triple Ferums

Scratchy Fall

Winter Sunset

Sienna Mountain

Cloudy Pass

Mountain Mana

Plains Mana

Swamp Mana

About Joe G

Joe G

🌿 Nature is wonderful and mystical, but fleeting in our mechanical and digital age. So I paint nature, as a refuge from my high technology day job.

🎨 I emulate the old masters, using oil paints and bristly brushes. I prefer natural and traditional pigments over the modern organics.

✨ My style is impressionistic and painterly. I like capturing landscapes en plein air (painting outside). Magic the Gathering mana cards are also a big source of inspiration.

🙌 My influences are my father, Bill Alexander, Bob Ross, Diane Andre, Robert Burridge, Carla Bosch, Turner Vinson, Stuart Davies, Malcolm Dewey, and Hester Berry. My bengal cat, Benny Roo, is my muse and art director.


These are the materials that I prefer... right now. Always evolving.

PaintsVan Gogh, Maimeri (oil paint)
ColorsUltramarine Blue, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Alizarin Crimson, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow, Titanium White
MediumsM Graham Walnut Oil
BrushesRosemary and Co Classic Filbert or Rounds 2,4,6,8,10
KnifesRGM types 33, 68, 94, 103
Palette12x16 0.125-in clear glass (from the hardware store)
EaselYarka Easel (medium), American Easel Oak Tabletop
CleaningM Graham Walnut Oil, Chelsea Lavender Brush Cleaner, Gamsol
PanelsAmpersand Gessoboard, Fredrix canvas panels, Michaels
CanvasesSunbelt Mfg Co or Artist's Loft
GessoUtrecht Professional Acrylic Gesso

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